Benefits Of Trees

treesBenefits Of Trees

The history of evolution of the earth shows that major part of it was a forest and was covered with dense trees. With the various development activities of man the forest cover on the earth, gradually decreased. But even now there are many forests that are composed of millions and billions of trees. Even urban people have now understood the significance of the presence of trees in our lives. Many programs are being carried out to increase their number so that we keep benefitting from them.

1.Give life to birds and insects.
Trees provide life to birds and insects. They give them food, shelter, cover, and, nest sites. Insects get their food in the form of seeds, buds, and fruits. Thus trees are the most important supporters of life.

2.Provides food for humans.
Our survival without the presence cannot be even imagined. The trees provide us with different kinds of foods that we require for our survival. For those who are purely non vegetarians, the animals on which their diets are based, ultimately depend on trees for their food. So directly or indirectly all living organism owe their lives to trees.

3.Provide the necessary oxygen to breathe.
With every breathe we add to the amount of carbon-di-oxide present in the environment of the earth. Along with this, many industrial and development activities add huge quantities of carbon-di-oxide to the environment. Trees absorb this harmful gas and in turn release fresh oxygen in the environment. They are thus the most important contributors of maintain the environmental balance.Â’ Trees also help in filtering dust and pollution.

4.Provide us wood for various purposes.
The various kinds of trees provide us wood for various purposes such as for building houses and schools, furniture of different kinds, and the most important for making paper.

5.Prevent erosion of soil.
Trees bind the soil of the earth so tightly that even fast flowing water or high speed wind is unable to take away soil with it. They are thus highly beneficial for preventing soil erosion.

6.Offer protection.
Trees provide us with shelter in various different ways. They protect our buildings, and crops from harsh speedy winds. Trees protect us from strong sunshine and rain. They also check the clouds and support rain.

7.Helps to maintain the temperature of the earth.
Trees release excessive water from their bodies into the environment, through the process of transpiration. This creates a cooling effect and reduces the temperature of the Earth.

It is this clear that trees are the most important supporters of life on this earth. Although expansion of development activities and urbanization are important but brutal cutting of trees for serving our selfish needs should be checked. It is also vital that for each tree that is being cut for these activities two new saplings should be planted so that future generations do not face difficulties because of our activities.

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