Benefits Of Tree Planting

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Benefits of Tree Planting

A part of environmental health, tree planting is very important to both humans and animals. In most cases, trees are planted to provide shade and beauty making these two excellent reasons for their use. However, tree planting also serves other purposes and this varies with the kinds of trees being planted and on which locations. The following are more benefits of planting trees;-

1. Maintains the eco system
Trees are planted to maintain water sources, improve climate, upgrade soil quality, and provide shelter for both livestock and man. They also have various advantages such as providing shade, beautifying the landscape, providing a clean and good climate, preventing drainage, soil erosion and dust.

2. Provide natural barriers
Planting trees along the boundaries of large fields and around homesteads is very useful because they act as fences and windbreaks. The direction of wind and its speed can be altered by the presence of trees. Trees also act as barriers by absorbing the downfall of sleet, rain and hail. This provides protection for people, buildings and animals.

3. Economic gain
Particular shrubs and trees have an economic value. However the species, condition, function and size matters. Direct economic gain can be attributed to energy costs and using less air conditioning in an area with trees. Also, trees planted in a home make the place more valuable than one which does not have trees around it. They also offer other complimentary products such as wood energy and fodder.

4. Medicinal
Some trees have medicinal value to man e.g. the birch tree whose leaves are used to extract saponin which is used to make several concoctions which are said to cure several diseases.

However much planting trees has a great impact on our lives, we cannot forget that it requires a lot of investment and patient as trees unlike some plants do not grow over night.

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