Benefits of Zen

Benefits of Zen

Zen refers to a type of Buddhism practice that started in China and eventually spread to other countries like Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. ‘ Zen sessions usually involve interaction with an elder or teacher and teachings are focused on understanding overall enlightenment rather than generic knowledge on principles and doctrines. ‘ Many people promote Zen because of the various benefits it offers including the following:

1. Increased sense of calm

Over the years, Zen has become synonymous with meditation and prayer. ‘ With regular practice of Zen meditations, people are said to achieve some form of inner peace. ‘ By communicating with one’s own body and soul, people are able to gain more insight about who they are and what they are capable of. ‘ By knowing oneself better, internal peace and calm is achieved.

2. Increased ability to concentrate

Zen teachings and practices also benefits people in terms of their ability to concentrate on various things or projects. ‘ With regular meditation practice, people that need to focus on a particular activity or subject will get a clearer mind and vision and thereby enabling him/her to become more efficient. ‘ In the case of students for example, those that need to concentrate and study difficult subjects may benefit from regular Zen meditation. ‘ In today’s modern world, distractions can be found in every room or every corner making it difficult for people to concentrate. ‘ With practice from Zen meditation, many people may apply their internal peace through focusing on their task.

3. Relief for stress and some types of pain

Meditation practitioners always emphasize the wonderful effect of this activity when it comes to handling pain and stress. ‘ By simply being able to know proper breathing techniques and learning to think deeper, one is said to be able to relieve tension-related pains and other stressful points in the body. ‘ Stressful and painful situations usually result to worries and anxieties but through Zen meditation, one will feel calmer and possibly pain and stress-free.

Meditation through Zen has been practiced by people from several generations in the past. ‘ Over the centuries, the Zen practice has evolved into many other types of meditation with the overall goal of attaining enlightenment and inner peace.

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