Benefits of Urban Farming

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Benefits of Urban Farming

Urban farming refers to farming done in populated areas like cities, towns, and villages. ‘ It basically is the same with traditional farming with the only major difference being the location where the farming-related activities are done. ‘ Urban farming does not only involve planting crops and vegetables for example but may also include aquaculture and the rearing of animals for food production. ‘ Advocates of urban farming point to the following benefits:

1. Boost in local economy

Since farming activities are done within a locality, a city or a town’s own economy is boosted with additional goods production. ‘ With more goods being produced, more jobs will also be generated for this purpose. ‘ Jobs may be found in the cultivation or processing parts of the food source but may also be plentiful at the distribution stage. ‘ With more goods to dispose off, entrepreneurial activities among local residents will also be boosted.

2. ‘ Increased food security

With food sources being cultivated, produced, or processed within a local community, residents will have more food security. ‘ Not having to source food requirements from other cities or countries is a great step for every locality in terms of sustainability.

3. ‘ Improved food quality

Since the farming is done in a local neighbourhood or village for example, people will have better quality control from planting, cultivation, to processing and even up to distribution. ‘ With easier supervision of the farming process, food quality is greatly improved.

4. ‘ Promotion of greener environment

All the activities related to urban farming generally create a sense of a greener and healthier environment. ‘ As farming is done near one’s home for example, people will appreciate more of the benefits of this activity. ‘ And with this greater appreciation for urbanized farming activities, more people will also be engaged in related activities that have a good impact to the environment.

Because of the various benefits of urban farming, many cities, towns, villages, and other urbanized areas try to apply it in their own locality. ‘ Urban farming also gets the support of the people easily because of what it can contribute to them and the local economy.

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