Benefits of renewable resources

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Benefits of renewable resources

Renewable resources refer to resources that come from the natural environment. ‘ When one says the resource is renewable, it simply means that this particular resource can be replenished over time. ‘ Since renewable resources are part of the environment, many of them are readily available for human use or consumption in the present and for the future. ‘ Careful management of these resources is needed though to ensure that future generations could still take advantage of them. ‘ Common renewable resources are power sources like solar power, hydro power provided by the tides, wind power, and geothermal power among others. ‘ The following are some of the benefits of renewable resources:

1. Stability of supply

With renewable sources coming from the environment, people can only expect a stable supply. ‘ In the case of solar power for example, the energy provided by this type of renewable resource will not be depleted in the passage of time because the main source which is the sun will always be available for use.

2. Reduction of pollution

Energy sources from the natural environment are literally greener or safer to use. ‘ Processing of energy from renewable resources limits carbon emissions which is very harmful to the environment. ‘ This is especially true of energy that is sourced from either solar, wind, or hydro power. ‘ With renewable resources, there are less chemical pollutants to the natural environment.

3. Reduced maintenance

In terms of providing energy for the people, generators and/or plants that involve renewable resources are easily maintained when compared to non-renewable energy sources such as coal or gasoline. ‘ With lesser maintenance, power and energy may also be generated at possibly lesser cost.

Many people advocate the use of renewable resources especially in terms of providing energy or lighting to various industries and households. ‘ Aside from the abundant supply, renewable resources are simply more environment-friendly than other forms of resources.

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