Benefits Of Cooperative Learning

Benefits of Cooperative Learning

Cooperative learning is a popular method used to reinforce teaching in the classroom. Children are placed in groups of three to four in order to master a particular topic by working in groups. Cooperative learning therefore gives children an opportunity to develop social skills. It is however important to ensure you have a plan so that students participate actively in the classroom. Listed below are the benefits of cooperative learning.

1. Social benefits
Besides having academic benefits, cooperative learning also provides social perks as well. For starters, cooperative learning nurtures social skills by encouraging children to work in groups. This way, children learn the importance of taking risks in their endeavors. Such benefits help improve their satisfaction and attitude towards schooling and learning.

2. Economic perks
Since cooperative learning encourages sharing, less materials and equipment are needed. Teachers normally buy few materials that are shared equally in each group. Reduction of learning materials helps teach children the importance of time and sharing. By introducing cooperative learning in schools, the money used to buy learning materials can be channeled to other meaningful projects.

3. Greater achievement
Cooperative learning encourages student achievement as compared to other traditional learning methods. Through cooperative learning, low achieving children can produce their best when placed in groups with high achieving children. Ground competition in turn promotes cohesiveness and group spirit.

4. Active participation
As students participate in their coursework actively, the teacher has to supervise the work actively as well. Move from one group to the other, challenging perceptions and ask questions. This way, you can note those students who are playing and those who are serious. Cooperative learning is therefore a sure way to encourage active participation in the classroom.

Since playing and fighting are inevitable when children are placed in groups, supervision is of utmost importance.

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