Benefits Of Peace Corps

Benefits of Peace Corps

Peace Corps refers to an organization that is mainly backed by the American government and it sends young individuals to developing nations where they work like volunteers. It is basically an independent volunteering agency that offers aid to developing nations when needed. Joining the Peace Corps is highly respected and it provides the following advantages.

1. Educational benefits
There are two major educational benefits offered to all members of the Peace Corps. The Master’s program enables volunteers or members to incorporate their service in the Peace Corps into their degree programs. Similarly, the Fellows program provides returned members financial assistance at numerous universities and colleges to further their learning. Fellows require committing to work in underserved communities while pursuing their graduate degrees. Furthermore, volunteers in the Peace Corps can also apply for partial loan deferment.

2. Professional benefits
The advantages got from service in the Peace Corps will definitely last for a very long time. As soon as a volunteer comes back, he or she will start noticing these benefits. For instance, in the current global marketplace, international experience, inter-cultural understanding and fluency in other languages are highly beneficial skills. The first several months following joining the Peace Corps, volunteers are provided technical, cross-cultural and language instruction to assist them integrate better into their new foreign communities.

3. Monetary benefits
Members of the Peace Corps are entitled to vast financial benefits. Volunteers are provided a significant monthly allowance for catering for housing as well as other basic requirements. Comprehensive dental and medical coverage is provided to all volunteers, including coverage for non-service and service-linked injuries or illness. Once a volunteer has completed a service of about 18 months, they are eligible for a reasonably valued health coverage plan.
The shortcoming of joining the Peace Corps is that you are supposed to spend close to 20 months away from your family as you do your service.

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