Benefits Of Cranberry Pills

Benefits of Cranberry Pills

Cranberry pill provide a wide range of health benefits but most people do not add these fruits into their diet . Thus, in order to reap the good benefits of cranberries, you can supplement them in your nutrition to help combat free radicals responsible for cell damage. Here are some of the health benefits you can get by incorporating cranberry pills into your diet.

1. Antioxidant effects

Cranberry pills are well known for their antioxidant effects that help destroy free radicals responsible for cell damage as well as viral infections. Free radical often stem from the environment and your nutrition, therefore you should consume cranberry pills on a regular basis as they contain essential nutrients and Vitamin C that help to eliminate free radicals.

2. Boosts cardiovascular health

Cranberry pills are high in flavonoids that prevent the build up of LDL cholesterol and plaque, as well as hardening of the arteries. Build-up of ‘’bad” cholesterol can increase you risk of atherosclerosis, leading to heart disease and stroke.

3. Reduces your risk of cancer

Studies also show that cranberry pills may help prevent your risk to certain types of cancers. However, research is still undergoing to determine whether cranberries have healing effects on cancer. Many experts believe that cranberry pills help to inhibit the development of cancerous cells due to their antioxidant properties.

4. Treats bladder infections

Medical research suggests that cranberry pills may help to treat bladder infections. Nevertheless, the efficiency of cranberry pills compared to cranberry juice for treating bladder infections is still under review.

5. Detoxification

Another important benefit cranberry provides is detoxification. Regular consumption can help in the elimination of wastes and toxins from your body. In addition to that, they are beneficial in weight loos thus help to fight obesity.

Too much consumption can cause side effects such as stomach upset and diarrhea, as well as mild allergic reaction.

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