Benefits Of Low Carb Diet

Benefits of Low Carb Diet

A low carb diet essentially reduces the carbohydrate intake into the body. Examples of common sources of carbohydrates include bread, grains, tortillas, starchy vegetables, fruits and rice. This particular diet mainly focuses on protein intake since proteins provide most of the required muscle building compounds. The following are major benefits of the low carb diet.

1. Effective for losing weight
One of the main benefits of the low carb diet is the fact that it is quite effective, particularly when it comes to assisting an individual to lose weight. Clinical studies clearly show that individuals of this reduced carbohydrate diet lose more weight as compared to those on the traditional low fat regimen. A reduced carbohydrate intake reduces insulin levels and the body is forced to burn stored fats in order to maintain the energy levels.

2. Lowers levels of blood sugar
Another benefit of consuming foods with low carbohydrates is that they reduce the amount of sugar in blood, making you less susceptible to diabetes. Clinical evidence indicates that a low carbohydrate diet assists in improving your blood cholesterol and reduces your risk for various heart complications like strokes or heart attacks.

3. Increases metabolism
The low carbohydrate diet increases the metabolic rate of the body or the ability of the body to breakdown its storage and food. The high metabolism turns the carbohydrate calories into energy. A diet that is high in carbs does not allow the body to use up its accumulated fat reserves which could possibly lead to obesity and other weight related complications.

4. Treats pimples
A research that was carried out recently suggests the presence of a relationship between carbohydrates and acne. A diet rich in carbs increases the production of insulin, causing hormonal changes that usually lead to oilier skin and clogged pores. Eating a low carb diet is a good way of preventing this action.
Nevertheless, the low carb diet has various demerits as well. One of them is that weight is easily regained which could affect your weight loss goals.

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