Benefits of Antioxidants

Benefits of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are molecules which are capable of slowing down or stopping the process of oxidation in other molecules. It is a chemical reaction that occurs within the body and in as much as it is essential for the sustenance of life, it can be damaging in some ways. When oxidation takes place, there’s production of some free radicals which can trigger chain reactions which can cause damage on body cells. The following are ways antioxidants are helpful to the body.

1. Free-radical scavengers

They are referred to that because they are able to abate the chain reactions that occur within the body due to the oxidation process. Free radicals are frequently linked with cancer, cardiovascular diseases as well as the Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Anti-aging properties

As free radicals have an aging effect on the body, antioxidants help by inhibiting the production of free radicals. It has been discovered that your body loses antioxidants while you age. Scientists now advise that if you supplement your diet with antioxidants, this can help to significantly slow down aging.

3. Improve the immune system’s function

They aid in the proper functioning of the immune system by maintaining the free radicals level in the immune cells. They have to remain at a certain level for the system to function properly and this can only be felt in the body cells whenever there’s proper balance maintained. Any imbalance can lead to your immune system being week.

4. Reduces cataract risk

Antioxidants reduce the risks of one’s eyes being attacked by cataracts. It is said that protein oxidation in the eyes may cause cataracts. This can be prevented by vitamin E, C and beta-cetaron.

Some of the varied and complex types of antioxidants which are maintained by plants and animals include Vitamin C , E, Glutathione and enzymes like catalase, peroxidases, superoxide dismutase.

However, antioxidants can also be harmful especially the ones found in synthetic supplements. This is because they have high concentrated levels which end up being problematic. As antioxidants help get rid of free radicals, when they are wiped away from the body, an important defense mechanism is interrupted and this is dangerous.

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