Benefits Of Cumin Tea

Benefits of Cumin Tea Cumin seeds are well-known due to their medicinal uses. In fact, there were used in the ancient period to treat an array of diseases. While the traditional herb is not used as much as in the early days, it still offers an array of health benefits. Read on and find out … Read more

Benefits Of Thuja

Benefits of Thuja Thuja is used in gardens and parks like a decorative tree. It also possesses other therapeutic benefits. Actually, ancient people burned Thuja woods together with their sacrifices. Thuja oil has an appealing aroma and it is thereby used in aromatherapy. Below are examples of the benefits of thuja. 1. Strengthens gums The … Read more

Benefits Of Rhassoul clay

Benefits of Rhassoul clay Clay has been around for generations for the manufacture of ancient works and potteries. Ancient clay works have conveyed their antiquity through the vast number of plates, figurines and jars. Today, clay is used in healing ceremonies and religious rites, and more importantly as a form of adornment. For instance, Rhassoul … Read more

Benefits Of Facial Steaming

Benefits of Facial Steaming Facial steaming is among the ancient rituals used in facial and skin care. Aside from opening your skin pores, you will delight in other benefits with facial steaming. Actually, the facial care industry provides several treatments that use this particular method for preventing the development of pimples and blackheads. Here are … Read more