Benefits Of Rhassoul clay

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Benefits of Rhassoul clay

Clay has been around for generations for the manufacture of ancient works and potteries. Ancient clay works have conveyed their antiquity through the vast number of plates, figurines and jars. Today, clay is used in healing ceremonies and religious rites, and more importantly as a form of adornment. For instance, Rhassoul clay has been used for ages to beautify the skin and is found in modern health spas all around the world. It is native to Morocco and has a number of uses, as well as health benefits.

1. Detoxification
Rhassoul clay is an effective facial mask that can help improve your facial appearance, eliminating premature aging signs. Unlike other types of facial mask, Rhassoul clay has high concentrations of essential minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, silica and sodium. These elements aid the detoxification process.

2. Prevents skin disease
Due to high concentration of essential minerals, Rhassoul clay can prevent the development of skin disease. When you age, the body is not able to produce sufficient minerals, so you need to find other sources. The depletion of trace minerals often results in brittle nails, lackluster hair and fragile bones. Rhassoul clay helps to replenish depleted minerals, thereby improve skin health.

3. Restores skin elasticity
This clay helps to restore elasticity, removes dead skin, unclog skin pores and prevent drying of the skin. When used as facial mask, Rhassoul clay can help to eliminate excess oil, skin cells, sebum and dirt, while having a soothing and moisturizing effect on your skin. It also reduces flakiness and dryness while improving clarity, elasticity and texture. Moreover, it has antimicrobial properties that make it suitable for individuals with skin blemish.
No side effect has been reported with use of Rhassoul clay for skin care. However, Rhassoul clay should only be used external, and if you have skin disease, consult a doctor before you use it.

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