Benefits of Facial

Benefits of Facial

A facial treatment is a process which involves different kind of treatments like face massage, peels, masks, lotions, creams, extraction, steam and exfoliation. A facial treatment is normally done in beauty salons and can also be availed in spa centers. When it comes to regular skin maintenance and facial care, nothing can beat having regular facial treatments. This is because facial treatments are very important and our skin benefits a lot from it like thoroughly cleansing our skin. Aside from this, there are a lot more benefits of getting a facial treatment and most people are not even aware of these advantages.

1.Getting a facial helps stimulate collagen production
The protein collagen can be found in the dermal layer of the skin. Collagen provides support and elasticity for the skin. Collectively with elastin (a structure of protein which can also be found in the dermal layer of the skin), they form part of the connective tissues which are located underneath the epidermis. Due to old age and other harmful chemicals, our skin develops wrinkles. Wrinkles appear when the dermis starts to get thin and our skin cells breaks up slowly than usual. Having a facial, especially facial massage helps stimulate the production of collagen. This keeps our skin supple, firm and elastic even with old age.

2.Having a facial helps eliminate toxins in our skin
Every time our face gets treated with a facial, especially a facial massage, our skin feels soothed from everyday stress. Aside from this, a facial massage could also helps in lymph drainage and it promotes stimulation of the skin which improves the natural ability of the skin to cleanse itself from certain toxins and impurities.

3.Having yourself treated with facial helps boost the circulation of blood in the skin
Getting a facial steam could help increase the circulation of blood in the face. When combined with the cleansing of clogged pores and the removal and extraction of whiteheads and blackheads, the skin on the face would feel more radiant and it could also improve evening out your skin tone.

4.Having a facial deeply cleanses the skin
A facial involves the process of extracting whiteheads, blackheads and dirt which block the pores of the skin. Once this is done, the face can breathe easily and the end result would be a fairer skin. Facial also prevents the skin from having acne, which is an infection of the skin due to clogged pores.

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