Benefits Of Quaker Oats

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Benefits of Quaker Oats

Quakers oats is the leading oats company in the United Kingdom, and is well known for making nutritious family cereals, including oat meat, Quaker puffed rice, Quaker oat bran, and Quaker breakfast cookies among many others. Quaker oats are a must-have diet and form a great nutritional plan as they are loaded with nutrients and essential minerals. Here are some of the benefits you are bound to get by adding Quaker coats to your diet.

1. High in soluble fiber
Quaker oats are high in soluble fiber, which helps them lower ‘’bad” cholesterol and raise ‘’good” cholesterol level. Regular intake of diets high in soluble fiber can reduce your risk to heart disease and stroke.

2. Reduces cancer risk
Studies show that Quaker oats contain high insoluble fiber, which is believed to combat cancer causing agents. It neutralizes toxicity of bile acids and facilitates the flow of food through the bowels, preventing risk to colon cancer (i.e. bowel cancer).

3. Enhances cardiovascular health
Researchers suggest that consumption of oats is also good for heart health and can prevent the development of arteriosclerosis and heart attack. Nonetheless, research is ongoing to determine whether these theories are factual.

4. Boosts immune system
Quaker oats are an excellent source of essential nutrients including zinc, copper, manganese, iron, selenium, vitamin E and magnesium, all which help improve function of the immune system, protecting you against diseases and viral infections.

5. Healthy digestion
Due to high fiber content, consumption of Quaker oats can help ease digestive disorders, such as irregular bowel movements, acid reflux, and stomach upset. While they contain loads of nutrients, it is advisable that you moderate your consumption to prevent potential side effects.
There are no significant side effects associated with the intake of Quaker oats. Nonetheless, individuals who are sensitive to gluten should steer away from it.

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