Benefits Of Joint Family

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Benefits of Joint Family

The set-up of the joint family can actually be a great benefit. This is because it provides an amazing support system financially and emotionally. The members of the family can share both their triumphs as well as their failures. These are some of the benefits of joint family.

1. Great for the working woman

The system of the joint family is highly beneficial for women who want to work and also have their own families. Many women usually leave their jobs when they start having children since they cannot afford to leave their children with babysitters. On the other hand, in the joint family, the women have someone that they can leave their children with as they carry out their duties. As an alternative to leaving children with servants, the children are taken care of by their relatives.

2. Provides a teaching experience for new moms

At times, for the new mom, it is not easy to comprehend everything about her first child. For example, how the child is bathed, fed and even why the baby cries even if he or she is fully fed. With the assistance of elder members of the joint family, the new moms are going to be guided through this new and exciting phase of life. Aside from handling both small and big problems, the elders assist in inculcating good values with the children since they have a lot of experience in bringing up children.

3. Develops a strong bond in the family

The manner in which elders teach children everything related to society, religion and relationship is the best. Through the joint family, the children are going to learn lots of things about their cultural heritage. This instills strong bonding between children and their parents and other members of society.

The joint family has its fair share of troubles as well. More often than not, there is a comparison between the children. This can lead to hostility between the families and children also.

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