Wonders of Prekese: Nutritional, Medicinal & Culinary Benefits

Prekese: The Wonder Fruit That Everyone Should Know About Brief Overview of Prekese Prekese is a tropical fruit native to West Africa, with the scientific name Tetrapleura tetraptera. It is also known by many other names, including Aidan fruit, Aridan fruit, or “Preke” in Ghana. The fruit is characterized by its dark brown pod that … Read more

Okra Water Benefits – A Natural Approach to Wellness


Okra, also known as lady’s finger, is a green, finger-shaped vegetable that is a staple in many countries around the world. In addition to its culinary uses, okra has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties, including the benefits of okra water. In this article, we will explore the benefits of okra water, including … Read more

Benefits of Psyllium husk

Psyllium seed husk which also known as Isabgol or Ispaghula is a part of the seeds of a plant native of India and Pakistan known as Plantago Ovate. The seeds of this plant are hygroscopic (they can absorb and retain water) and when they expand, they become mucilaginous or gluey in their appearance and consistency. … Read more

Benefits of Kashi cereal

Benefits of Kashi cereal Kashi cereals are cereal-based products made by the Kashi Company, which is a subsidiary of a popular cereal brand, Kellogg’s. ‘ Kashi cereals are said to be based from the Russian “kasha”, a breakfast meal that contains crushed grains and served with other items like meat, honey, milk, and/or sugar. ‘ Kashi cereals … Read more

Benefits Of Edamame

What Are the Benefits of Edamame? Edamame beans are also called soybeans and they have extensive culinary benefits. Harvested like green pods, edamame beans also have other uses other than their popular culinary uses. From offering health essential fiber to increasing bone health, edamame seeds are certainly quite useful. For more details on edamame benefits, … Read more

Benefits Of Rudraksha

Benefits of Rudraksha Rudraksha are seeds got from a sacred tree that are normally worn as beads. Traditionalists in India believe that these seeds were created from Lord Rudra tears, thus giving them immense spiritual power. Rudraksha has been used to cure several diseases, particularly those linked to heart and blood pressure. More Rudraksha benefits … Read more

Benefits Of Cashews

Benefits of Cashews Cashew nuts have a bean shape and they grow on a subtropical evergreen tree. They are considered like delicacies in the Caribbean and Brazil. When you eat cashews regularly, you are essentially getting much more than their satisfying taste. Eating cashews in moderation is a good snack choice and it offers these … Read more

Benefits Of Dill Seed

Benefits of Dill Seed There are an array of benefits you can get from dill seeds that include relief from diarrhea, respiratory disorder, hiccups, insomnia, digestion, cancer, and so forth. Studies also show that dill seed is good for oral care. Besides its many medicinal effects, dill seed is also used for culinary purposes. 1. … Read more

Benefits Of Alsi Seeds

Benefits of Alsi Seeds Alsi seeds, commonly called flax seeds, are popularly consumed by vegetarians and vegans who are looking for alternative sources of essential fatty acids. Nevertheless, every person can get benefits from the addition of alsi seeds into the diet . Aside from fatty acids, alsi seeds have the following health benefits. 1. … Read more

Benefits Of Celery Seed

Benefits of Celery Seed Celery seed is normally used for culinary purposes. However, this herb does have other uses in alternative treatment where it is prescribed as the herbal remedy of various health problems. Celery seed contains high amounts of calcium, zinc, potassium, iron and zinc as well as several vitamins. Here are benefits of … Read more

Benefits Of Apricot Kernels

Benefits of Apricot Kernels Apricot kernels or apricot seeds comprise of high amounts of vitamin B17, a very helpful nutrient. Health experts describe vitamin B17, also called amygdalin, as having beneficial properties for lowering the pain related to arthritis and also reducing blood pressure. Nevertheless, the most commonly noted attribute of apricot kernels is that … Read more

Benefits Of Alpiste

Benefits of Alpiste Alpiste, popularly called canary seed, is associated with wide-ranging benefits. Some people say that it supports overall health of various organs including kidney, pancreas and the heart. Others claim that it assists them control their weight. Using alpiste like a diet ary supplement can benefit you in the following ways. 1. Protein … Read more

Benefits Of Brazilian Nuts

Benefits of Brazilian Nuts Brazilian nuts are essentially huge seeds found in the South American rain forests. While they are known as Brazilian nuts, the biggest producer and also exporter of this commodity is Bolivia. Many people are already conscious of the benefits of different other nuts, but the following article takes a closer look … Read more

Benefits Of Golden Rice

Benefits of Golden Rice Golden rice is a form of genetically engineered rice such that it contains various carotenoids like beta carotene in its endosperm. Rice grains that have undergone this process usually have a golden yellow color, in contrast with the normal white rice. When golden rice is eaten, most of the carotenoids present … Read more

Benefits Of Quaker Oats

Benefits of Quaker Oats Quakers oats is the leading oats company in the United Kingdom, and is well known for making nutritious family cereals, including oat meat, Quaker puffed rice, Quaker oat bran, and Quaker breakfast cookies among many others. Quaker oats are a must-have diet and form a great nutritional plan as they are … Read more

Benefits Of Oats

Benefits of Oats Oats are described as healthy cereal because they have soothing effects on the nerves. Studies show that oats contain many health benefits as they are high in nutritional value. They are either consumed as cereal grain or in form of oatmeal. Let’s discuss some of the reasons you should add oatmeal to … Read more

Benefits Of Rolled Oats

Benefits of Rolled Oats Rolled oats are popular amongst people who like the texture and taste of the old-fashioned oatmeal in the morning. Oat grains, which are used to make rolled oats, have tougher outer hulls that are removed, enabling the grains’ interior to undergo steam treatment for further softening them. After, steam treatment, grains … Read more

Benefits Of Eating Oatmeal

Benefits of Eating Oatmeal Eating oatmeal on a regular basis is a great way to ‘’kick start” your day as it is loaded with essential nutrients and minerals, which provide a significant amount of diet ary fiber. A proper diet consisting of oatmeal with fruits can help improve your overall health, as well as energy … Read more

Benefits Of Oat Bran

Benefits of Oat Bran Oat bran has been recognized worldwide as an herb and as a food. It is rich in vitamins B complex, minerals, soluble fiber, fat and proteins. When consumed regularly, it has been shown to help lower cholesterol levels and can even reduce level of ‘’bad” cholesterol. Here are some of the … Read more

Benefits Of Sesame Seeds

Benefits of Sesame Seeds Sesame seeds are nutritious as they add a delicate taste, almost invisible, popular to many Asian cuisines. They are great source of magnesium, calcium and copper, which are beneficial to your overall health. Read on to find some of the benefits you can reap by incorporating sesame seeds into your nutrition. … Read more

Benefits Of White Rice

Benefits of White Rice There are many types of rice throughout the world, but the ones which are commonly consumed are brown rice and white rice. Basically, white rice has its bran, germ and husk removed during processing. The grains are polished thereafter so that they have white and bright appearance. According to recent findings, … Read more

Benefits Of Ground Flaxseed

Benefits of Ground Flaxseed Although not known to many, flax seeds form a great diet due to its numerous health benefits. Studies show that flax seeds have more nutritional value than whole flax seeds as they are easily digested by the body. Flaxseeds are popularly used to treat a wide range of dietary problems as … Read more

Benefits Of Amaranth

Benefits of Amaranth Amaranth tree has broad leaves and it produces numerous seeds. It is actually an ancient kind of grain used in India. Amaranth flour is used to make delicious cookies and it offers several benefits. Other uses and benefits of amaranth are listed below. 1. Good protein source Amaranth contains high protein amounts, … Read more

Benefits Of Rye

Benefits of Rye Rye is commonly eaten by people in the central parts of Asia and other Middle East regions. In the past, the consumption of rye was not popular since it was considered as a low quality grain in contrast with barley and wheat. However, recently, rye has grown in popularity as a substitute … Read more

Benefits Of Rice Bran

Benefits of Rice Bran Rice bran is the product got after brown rice has been polished down to white rice. It is the main reason why health experts recommend the intake of brown rice instead of white rice. Rice bran is commonly used for making oil and it has lots of benefits. The following are … Read more

Benefits Of Whole Grains

Benefits of Whole Grains Grains are great sources of essential nutrients, including B vitamins (niacin, folate, riboflavin, and thiamin), diet ary fiber, and minerals (selenium, magnesium, and iron). They form an excellent nutrition plan for those who want to reap full health benefits. For this reason, you need to incorporate whole grains into your diet. … Read more

Benefits Of Oat Flour

Benefits of Oat Flour Oat flour forms part of a great nutritional plan and contain many health benefits. Food products containing blended oats, like whole flour and oatmeal contain diet ary fiber, which improve function of the immune system. 1. Reduces the risk of certain types of cancer Oat flour contains insoluble fiber that has … Read more

Benefits Of Pine Nuts

Benefits of Pine Nuts Pine nuts refer to seeds that originate from pine cones. They have a slightly bitter taste but you are going to quickly get accustomed to the taste of these healthy nuts. Similar to other nuts, pine nuts can be toasted to provide a tasty flavor. Pine nuts provide several benefits as … Read more

Benefits Of Pomegranate Seeds

Benefits of Pomegranate Seeds Pomegranate seeds come from the succulent purplish-red fruit called pomegranate. You require cracking the shell of the pomegranate fruit to get the juicy seeds. Further down are benefits of consuming pomegranate seeds. 1. Antioxidant properties Pomegranate seeds contain more antioxidant properties than red wine or green tea. Antioxidants combat free radicals, … Read more

Benefits Of Peanuts

Benefits of Peanuts Peanuts are members of the highly nutritious legume family. They are also referred to as earthnuts, goobers and groundnuts. Peanuts have several varieties and the most common ones as Virginia, Valencia and Spanish varieties. Apart from being used to manufacture margarine, soap and cooking oil, peanuts have many other health benefits. 1. … Read more

Benefits Of Popcorn

Benefits of Popcorn Popcorn is popular treat eaten by most people as they watch movies at home or in movie theaters. The benefits of popcorn are not only restricted to making movies more enjoyable since they also enhance a person’s health. Further down are benefits of popcorn. 1. Contains lots of minerals An outstanding benefit … Read more

Benefits Of Pecans

Benefits of Pecans The new nutrition guidelines say that it is healthy to consume servings of legumes, seeds or nuts a day. Recent study show that pecans contain antioxidant properties, which offer protection against cell damage, and can also help fight certain type of cancers. 1. Alleviates blood pressure Although eating pecans can’t treat hypertension, … Read more

Benefits Of Maize

Benefits of Maize Maize is commonly known as corn and is the most cultivated crop on Earth. Globally, maize is the most cultivated staple crop and is used as a primary source of nutrition. Many people also use it as fodder. 1. Nutritious and highly appetizing Maize flour is used to make nutritious bread which … Read more

Benefits Of Nuts

Benefits of Nuts Regular consumption of nuts is very beneficial to the overall health of the body. In the past, nuts were avoided as a result of their high fat content, but nowadays it is well known for its numerous health benefits. Actually, evidence from several nutritional studies show that daily intake of nuts could … Read more

Benefits of Brown Rice

Benefits of Brown Rice Brown rice contains a great amount of fiber and thus it falls under the category of a whole grain. This is because a whole grain contains three vital components including the endosperm, germ and bran. Further down are some of the benefits of brown rice. 1. Improves digestion Brown rice assists … Read more

Benefits Of Oatmeal

Benefits Of Oatmeal Although, all whole grains are excellent packets of nutrients, but oatmeal deserves a special mention as it makes a complete diet for the day, in any part of the year. A full-size bowl of hot steaming oatmeal is the perfect way to begin your day especially when temperatures are low. However, there … Read more

Benefits of Flaxseed

Benefits of Flaxseed We have heard of flax as a raw material for making clothes, papers, dyes, etc, but flax as an edible ingredient? Flax which was considered an ancient and widely used material for making clothes and paper is now considered a miracle food. To be more precise we are talking about its seeds … Read more

Benefits Of Brazil Nut

Benefits Of Brazil nut Brazil nut is a tree that is abundantly found in the large forests of South America. It is found on the banks of river Amazon, Orinoco and Rio Negro. The Brazil nut tree is a very high tree and is native to Brazil, Guiana, Venezuela, Eastern Peru Eastern, Eastern Columbia, and … Read more

Benefits Of Sunflower seeds

Benefits Of Sunflower seeds Apart for our lunch and dinner times whenever we are hungry, we search for some snacks and mostly end up in eating unhealthy foods like a burger that not only calorific but is unhealthy. If you want to eat a healthy and beneficial snack, enjoy a handful of sunflower seeds. You … Read more

Benefits Of Wheat Grass

Benefits Of Wheat Grass Since the last five decades the importance of wheatgrass in developing a healthy body has been realized by health experts and naturopaths all over the world. It is the best natural multivitamin easily and completely assimilated by the human body. The molecular structure of chlorophyll present in the wheatgrass bears its … Read more

Benefits Of Pumpkin seeds

Benefits Of Pumpkin seeds All of us include pumpkin as a vegetable in our diets. But we usually discard the pumpkin seeds considering it as a waste. But, pumpkin seeds not only taste good but are also highly beneficial to our health. They contain good quantities of minerals like copper, iron, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and … Read more

Benefits Of Walnuts

Health Benefits of Walnuts Proteins are the building blocks of the human body and walnuts are best and easily consumable source of plant protein. Walnuts are a rich source of fiber, magnesium, Vitamin B Vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids. Â’ Walnuts contain large quantities of sterols and fats. Most of these are monounsaturated fats … Read more

Benefits Of Almonds

Benefits of Almonds: The Actual Facts Most people see almonds as nuts; however, almonds are actually seeds that stem from the fruits of almond trees. In fact, almonds are closely related to peaches; however, its fruit toughens up into a leathery cover known as the hull, which comes with the edible kernel and shell. Unlike … Read more