Benefits Of Cuba

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Benefits of Cuba

Cuba is the perfect Caribbean destination known for its pleasant climate and friendly people. If you are considering going for vacation with your family, Cuba is a great tourist destination that has a lot to offer. When the political tension subsides, endless opportunities await you on the other side. Here are the reasons to consider having your holidays in Cuba.

1. Hemingway and Museums
Due to the vast number of museums, you will always be busy as you enjoy their cultural artworks and modern housings. You can visit Havana and see a variety of spectacular treasures. Some believe that the Hemingway bottles have alcohol that was taken by the ancestors.

2. Churches and Architecture
The Havana Cathedral was completed after almost 25 years, and is the most intriguing scenery in Cuba. As a Catholic society, Cuba boasts many spectacular churches and most of them date back to the ancient period.

3. Plazas
Most people usually gather in large plazas. This is a great place to meet new friends who can make your stay more pleasant by acting as guides. The revolution plaza is often used by superstars as a concert site.

4. Cultural immersion
As well all know tourism fosters understanding between people of different backgrounds. Visiting Cuba is the only way to cast off the misconceptions about the country. You will interact with the locals and get first hand information about the state of affairs both in politics and on the social scene.

5. Cheap air travel
With soaring fuel prices this is the only place where you can enjoy cheap air travel. With advancement in technology, you can buy a plane ticket at the comfort of your own home. If you planning to visit Cuba during the holiday make sure you do thorough research in order to familiarize yourself with the laws of the country.
There are travel restrictions to U.S citizens and opportunities only exits under special circumstances.

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