Benefits Of Fantasy

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Benefits of Fantasy

Fantasy is mainly used like a kind of escapism, where people make use of fantasy novels for leaving their individual worlds for several hours and get amusement in another world. Reading fantasy novels thus helps to eliminate the everyday stresses and boredom, especially for students. Below are other fantasy benefits.

1. Encourages reading
Fantasy encourages both adults and children to read. Even though this may sound like a cliché, but fantasy doses provide this essential benefit. Reading is an important skill in the society and fantasy novels offer an alternative to other boring or uninteresting literature forms. In addition, fantasy encourages reading through providing the readers a chance to escape into a different world where everything is possible.

2. Stimulates creative thinking
Through introducing ideas or things that may bend the actual reality, fantasy helps to stimulate creative thinking. In fact, kids who start reading fantasy literature early on are more likely to develop creative thinking. This kind of thinking is vital for offering solutions to everyday problems and also for generating new ways of doing things.

3. Nurtures social skills
Fantasy play can promote social skills due to its powerful social component. For example, creating roles that demand high levels of social skills help kids learn essential life skills. Furthermore, experimenting with a variety of social roles assists a kid to comprehend how social relationships work and also builds empathy.

4. Promotes new research
The other fantasy advantage is that it helps to promote new studies, especially in the field of science. In fact, most successful professors attribute their educational successes to fantasies that they had as they were kids. Those fantasies to build rockets that children have should thus be encouraged as they motivate kids to perform their best academically.

The demerit of fantasy is that it can offer misleading thoughts concerning how life is and this can cause depression.

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