Benefits Of Dill Seed

Benefits of Dill Seed

There are an array of benefits you can get from dill seeds that include relief from diarrhea, respiratory disorder, hiccups, insomnia, digestion, cancer, and so forth. Studies also show that dill seed is good for oral care. Besides its many medicinal effects, dill seed is also used for culinary purposes.

1. Aids digestion
Dill seed acts as an appetizer hence is extensively used for cooking. The seeds contain essential oils that act as stimulants, which trigger the secretion of digestive juices. In addition to that, these oils stimulate peristaltic activities of the small intestine.

2. Treats insomnia
Studies show that regular intake of dill seed can help treat insomnia. They are hypnotic or sedative, which means they stimulate and pacify simultaneously. This is because they contain essential oils high in vitamin –B complex and flavonoids, which bring about their calmative properties, therefore helping treat sleeping difficulties.

3. Good for hiccups
Hiccups usually occur due to trapping of gases through the wind pipe or can be caused by hypersensitivity, hyperactivity, nervous malfunction, allergies, etc. Being a stimulant, dill seed help expels gases and treats hiccups.

4. Stops diarrhea
Diarrhea is normally caused by two main reasons, microbial activity and ingestion. For starters, dill seed is well-known for its efficient digestive effects. Secondly, it contains Flavonoids and Monoterpenes that are bactericidal or germicidal in nature.

5. Inhibits fungal activity
Dysentery often comes about due to fungal infection. This is where dill seed comes to play due to its disinfectant effects. It helps impede fungal activity thus help treat dysentery. In addition to that, it acts as a stimulant which helps correct menstrual problems.

Although there are no known side effects associated to taking dill seeds, it is advisable to moderate your intake. Dill seed should not in any way replace a visit to the doctor.

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