Benefits Of Critical thinking

thinking-man-pdBenefits Of Critical thinking

Critical thinking can be defined as the focused and thoughtful judgment about one’s own beliefs and thoughts. It helps to determine the action to be taken in response to a person’s own observations, experiences, arguments and expressions. The process of critical thinking begins with the conscious evaluation of our thoughts and ideas, so that they can be improved and enhanced in accordance with the changing environment. It is a means of increasing our own awareness and take command of your own thinking processes so as to think more effectively. Critical thinking results in more rational, accurate, clear, and consistent thoughts that are apt for the surrounding ever-changing environment. There are many benefits of critical thinking, some of which include:

1.An unambiguous mind
Whenever there has been a situation of panic or mass hysteria, rational critical thinkers have raised their voices of reason. Only these rational reasons and decisions were able to solve all the mess. According to the famous saying by Franklin D. Roosevelt the only reason behind fear is fear itself. Those who are involved in the process of critical thinking have the comprehensive skills and abilities to consider all probable options and choose the one which is most feasible and apt for a particular situation.

2.Ability to doubt their decision.
People involved in critical thinking are usually calm and know exactly when they are right or wrong. Therefore there are fewer chances of them falling into the trap of scams or tricks. This is due to the fact that they approach everything with a sufficient amount of skepticism and doubt. People who lack these skills assume that everything they decide or hear is true, regardless of the surrounding factors and source.

Critical thinkers think about all possible alternatives before they act or make decision regarding a problem. When time is a limiting and important factor, these people consider the quickest method of reaching their target and achieving a goal. Sometimes, they might find out a shortcut, if time demands so.

4.Effective decision making
Critical thinking is important when the time comes for making decisions in highly paying jobs and career moves of professional. Critical thinking skills are required for generating successful ideas and making critical decisions. Applicants in job interviews are often asked questions that help the interviewers test their critical thinking abilities. Critical thinking also helps an employee when he or she seeks a promotion.

5.Differentiates between rationality and emotion.
Critical thinkers are self-aware and capable of identifying the difference between thought based rationality and that based on emotional response and personal bias. Understanding one’s own perspective will help one consider the viewpoint of others. This will help in making a decision based actuality, rather than feelings.

All the above mentioned advantages of critical thinking show that this process will put forward relevant questions before making a decision, understand complex problems; verify evidences that are given in support of statements, and the make decisions.

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