Benefits Of Make Up

Benefits of Make Up

Cosmetics were mainly created for enhancing physical appearances. In ancient times, the make-up used was completely natural. Advancements in technology have led to the creation of better synthetic cosmetics that are used as makeup. The benefits of make-up are great for all women and some of them are as follows.

1. Disguises flaws
Make-up disguises any imperfection that a person might have. For instance, when concealers are correctly applied on the face, darker pockets that are normally found below the eyes can be lessened. Individuals with lowly skin texture may use a foundation for enhancing their texture. Another method that make-up covers flaws is through enhancing other facial features. Thin lips may be improved with the application of lipsticks and lip liners.

2. Improves appearance
A huge objective for the application of make-up is basically to enhance an individual’s appearance. When specific areas of the face are targeted and make-up is applied, the person benefits from a better and more appealing appearance. Eye makeup augments the eyes, while cheekbones are accentuated by using blushers.

3. Increases definition
Another important advantage of using make-up is the fact that it adds definition to facial features. Eyebrows can be better enhanced through thinning them and lip outlines may be colored using lip pencils or mascara.

4. Boosts confidence
For most people, wearing make-up is an essential daily duty that they cannot live without. This is because once they have put on the make-up they feel great about themselves. They are now able to interact with other members of the community knowing that they are better-looking.

5. Sun protection
Responding to concerns about the dangerous effects of UV rays of the sun, manufacturers of make-up products added sun protection into their cosmetic products. Wearing make-up therefore protects skin against sunburn.
The demerit of using make-up is that it may easily irritate the skin or eyes, especially in people with existing skin problems.

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