Benefits Of Synthetic Life

Benefits of Synthetic Life

Synthetic life offers the answer to toxic waste, global warming and also the dependency on non-renewable fossil fuels. Scientists and researchers believe that the aforementioned things can be attained through copying how nature collects non-living organisms and then transforms them into life. Synthetic life may provide the following benefits to the entire society.

1. Prevent global warming
A synthetic cell that has been manufactured from simple DNA chemicals may be utilized for preventing global warming. Scientists believe that such a synthetic life would eliminate carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere and replace it a compound called methane. This will reduce oil dependency, which is a key cause of global warming.

2. Provides new information
The creation of artificial or synthetic life offers the potential of providing new information concerning the place of humans in the world. It will also clarify the key mystery linked to creation and also the role of people. Actually, the first forms of synthetic life will likely shock people’s cultural and religious beliefs.

3. Medical benefits
Synthetic life cells may offer extensive advantages when used in the medical field. Researchers think that being capable of designing new bacteria might benefit pharmaceutical companies as they produce new vaccines. In fact, drug tests can be quickly done on synthetic bacteria cells to assess whether the drugs are helpful or not. Moreover, futurists also believe that synthetic life forms may offer every person a body made from good genes that may never get sick or age.

4. Creates complex organisms
By producing tailor-made DNA, scientists are theoretically going to be capable of creating complex organisms such as animals or plants. Even though it may take several years for scientists to establish how to make such complex and large genomes, it might be achievable in the future.
Conversely, there are several notable risks with regards to synthetic life creation. For example, it might be probable for dangerous viruses to be made that will hurt people on a large scale.

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