Benefits Of Computers

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Benefits of Computers

Since their introduction, computers have had a huge impact on all aspects of our daily lives. From business to education, the use of computers has become synonymous with many important duties. The internet and computers have greatly affected how people work, play, write and also communicate. The following are benefits of computers.

1. Boost collaboration
Internet and networking communication technologies as well as the use of appropriate applications on PCs have enabled people to effortlessly work across international boundaries. Through the use of collaborative applications, workers can collaborate and work together on assignments and projects. In fact, the recent introduction of wikis and social media has fostered better collaboration in businesses.

2. Effective writing
Through using computers, people are able to write more effectively. The use of various tools like grammar checker, dictionary and thesaurus reduces the time taken for proofreading written documents. Furthermore, typing is quicker as compared to writing using a pen and paper. In general, computers allow users to edit, store and print documents, thus enhancing productivity.

3. Better communication
Computers are viewed like the best ways of communication, particularly through using emails. The emails may consist of both text messages along with attachments. Users can also upload or download files using computers. Other facilities such as online chatting further enhance communication amongst computer users. In contrast to telephone conversations, both online and email chatting are cheap.

4. Education benefits
In schools, computers offer extensive advantages. They are actually great learning tools for children. Moreover, some universities now offer online courses, which benefits individuals living in remote regions and the disabled as well. Online education, which is made possible with computers, is the most convenient and flexible form of learning.

Nevertheless, it is highly debatable whether or not computers are truly creative. Even though they might be used for assisting with the general design process, computers are incapable of the original thought.

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