Benefits Of PDF files

Benefits of PDF files

Portable Document Format, popularly known as PDF is used to send files to consultants, partners, friends and clients alike. Due to its portability, PDF is vastly used by companies to ensure no change is made on the original document. Additionally, you can navigate PDF files either by use of hyperlinks or keyword search.

1. True portability and mobility

If you have the software needed to read documents in PDF format, you can access PDF files anywhere provided you have tools, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. The software is easy to install and you can also use multiple word convertor applications to convert PDF files to word documents.

2. Preserves visual element

PDF format preserves visual element even when you convert it to word documents. Therefore, all your images, graphics, texts in the original document can be converted effortlessly to word document without any difficulty whatsoever. This can help you save money and time, especially if documents need to appear the exact same way in their original format.

3. PDF supports hyperlinks

It supports several interactive functions like file attachments, markup, movies, music, text notes and markup. It also integrates the aforementioned forms, which enable exporting an importing of data to ensure lower cost and better service delivery.

4. PDF supports file encryption

It also supports data encryption as well as security, thereby providing a secure technique for data sharing, through the use of common tools like email. Moreover, user access can be customized when need arises. You never have to worry that your documents will be tampered with since PDF files are digitally signed.

5. Enables file compression

PDF files allow you to compress raw data created, either from PowerPoint or Ms Word. This is useful in creating documents that have graphics.

You can not read PDF documents without installing Adobe Reader. Also, displaying titles in Google can be difficult.

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