Benefits Of US Citizenship

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Benefits of US Citizenship

There are quite a number of benefits of having US citizenship. This is why most people in countries that allow for dual citizenship choose to have US citizenship. The following are benefits of having a US citizenship.

1. Voting rights

US citizenship provides citizens the vital right of voting for officials at the local and federal state levels. This means that you also have an essential part to play in shaping the government through voting. Most countries such as Ireland as well as the UK allow for dual citizenship and they allow citizens of the US to maintain their original passport and citizenship.

2. Travelling benefits

US citizens can go to live in other countries for whatever period they desire and still return back to America. In fact, travel is much simpler for citizens of the US in some countries where visa waivers are given to Americans. In addition, American citizens also receive the protection of the US embassy in whichever country they are in.

3. No deportation

Even though most people do not expect to commit any crime, but if such a circumstance occurs, US citizens cannot be extradited. Having a US citizenship eliminates the worry concerning lost green cards or even wondering whether the US government will prevent you from re-entering the country if you stayed outside too long. Furthermore, US citizens can also bring their relatives from overseas more quickly to move to America as permanent citizens.

4. Public benefits

US citizenship entitles the owners to various public including foods stamps, financial aid and also certain scholarships among many others. US citizens also have the right of holding elected positions in most state, federal or state offices. Actually, most federal, city and state jobs also need citizenship.

The only drawback of US citizenship is that it requires the payment of tax and failure to comply can lead to big problems and even jail time.

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