Benefits Of Amla for Hair

Benefits of Amla for Hair

Amla is also referred to as Indian gooseberry and it is regarded as the key to healthy and shiny hair of most Indian women. It is an essential health rejuvenator and potent antioxidant when internally ingested. Actually, amla herb has other medicinal uses other than enhancing hair health. Learn more concerning the benefits of amla for hair in the following article.

1. Prevents premature hair graying

Amla has been utilized for a long time for guarding against premature hair graying. For this particular advantage you require cutting amla into small pieces and then drying them in a shade. The pieces should then be boiled in olive or coconut oil to create a dark colored mixture, which is then applied on the hair. Moreover, massaging your scalp with this mixture promotes sound sleep.

2. Guards against hair loss

For people who are excessively losing hair, regular amla intake is recommended. Amla not only guards against further loss of hair, but it is also beneficial for encouraging hair growth. It enhances the strength of a person’s hair follicles, thereby preventing hair loss. To augment this effect, you are supposed to cleanse your hair regularly using fresh amla juice.

3. Effective hair conditioner

Using coconut oil that has been enriched with this particular herb acts like an effective conditioner. Massage your scalp using the mixture and leave it overnight. Wash your hair the next morning using a mild shampoo. The amla and coconut oil mixture also adds lots of shine to your hair.

4. Nourishes hair

Introducing amla into your diet helps in nourishing hair internally. Amla is an excellent source of polyphenols and vitamin C. Taking amla supplements is also an effective method of nourishing both skin and hair.

The demerit of using amla for hair is that while it smells nice, it may leave your hair greasy as well as a bit itchy.

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