Benefits Of Olive Oil

Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil has many useful applications- you can read any blog or news, you will realize that olive oil has a wide range of benefits, from improved skin health to treating damaged hair among others. Read on to find out why the use of this oil has become widespread today.

1. Keeps your skin healthy

Health experts and Beautician suggest that olive oil helps improve your skin tone and may also combat certain types of skin cancer. It is an amazing moisturizer that keeps your skin moist dues to the presence of linoleum acid. If you bathe in olive oil and warm water, you will get a healthy skin that shall make you lively.

2. Treats damaged hair

Olive oil works efficiently for dry hair, for instance if you have problems such as fizzy hair and seeking for effective ways to restore it back to shape, it is advisable that you smear the oil on the head everyday. You simply have to apply shampoo and olive oil to you hair regularly after a few weeks – you will get the desired results.

3. Do away with snoring

If you have been looking for techniques to prevent snoring, then olive oil can be useful to your cause. You can cook food in olive oil or simply sprinkle the oil on your vegetables. You can have sound sleep like that of baby. In fact, many consider this as the most useful benefit among the rest.

4. Polishing furniture and metallic surfaces

Olive oil has proven beneficial to remove dust from metallic surfaces and old furniture. You simply have to rub the oil slowly on the furniture so that corrosion is prevented and streaks are avoided. If you want to polish you set of furniture, simply mix the oil with lemon juice and start shinning.

Although there are no known drawbacks of olive oil, put in mind that too much consumption is harmful to your health.

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