Benefits Of AHCI

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Benefits of AHCI

Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) is a mode that SATA controllers and drives can function in. The other popular mode is known IDE. Even though AHCI might not have any speed advantages over IDE, it has several other benefits. Further below are some benefits of AHCI.

1. Enables NCQ

NCQ or Native Command Queuing is enabled through using AHCI. This particular technology is specifically designed for enhancing the overall performance of any SATA hard drives under certain conditions. NCQ works through enabling the single hard drive to optimize internally the correct order used for executing both read and also write commands. This reduces the total amount of needless things going to and fro on the disk’s heads, leading to enhanced performance.

2. Promotes hard disk lifespan

Through increasing performance, NCQ present in AHCI significantly lowers the wear of a SATA hard drive. This is particularly beneficial for workloads in which multiple instantaneous read or write commands are necessary, usually in server-based applications.

3. Enables hot swapping

Unlike using IDE hard disks that require hooking up and being connected before the computer is put on, ACHI has a vital hot swapping capability. SATA hard drives that are AHCI capable can therefore be easily hot plugged or unplugged even after the computer has started. In fact, these SATA hard disks become accessible to the OS as soon as they have been hot swapped. That is why they are regarded as USB thumb drives as they can be unplugged and plugged.

4. Extensive support

AHCI is supported fully in Linux and Windows Vista OS. In other operating systems such as Windows XP, vendor-specific drivers should be installed whether or not AHCI is present.

Even though there are not many drawbacks linked to AHCI, you should take time to do more research before switching to this particular mode.

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