Benefits Of Recycling Glass

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Benefits of Recycling Glass

Glass is easy recycled and several states have self-sponsored programs to encourage recycling. Many night clubs, restaurants and bars are now recycling glass to reduce wastage of space that would have otherwise have been evident if they were stored in landfills. Recycling glass has both economic and environmental benefits.

1. Production of reusable products
Glass is easily recycled into new products. Once it has been separated into different colors, it is melted and recycled to new bottles. This is an excellent environmental benefit because raw materials are not used in production, and because recycling glass requires less energy than making new glass from raw materials. Since glass can last indefinitely, recycling is prudent instead of storing them in landfills.

2. Energy conservation
Processing reused glass require less energy than making new glass, which require more heat to refine the raw products ( such as limestone, soda ash, and sand). Raw products emit carbon during processing, but reused glass has trivial carbon emissions. Mining and transport also require more energy as compared to the manufacture and transport of reused glass.

3. Economic benefits
There are also economic benefits of glass recycling to manufactures. For instance, glass recycling leads to the rise of processing factories, which in turn provide jobs for the locals near the factories. On the other hand, manufactures sell recycled glass at a profit.

4. Production of domestic products
Today, glass manufactures use recycled glass to produce a variety of products like decorative tiles, rebuilding beaches and glass containers. In other words, recycled glass has plenty of benefits, both economical and environmental.

5. Reduces space wastage
Recycling glass is a feasible option instead of storing them in landfills. That way, the space that could otherwise have been used for storage purposes is diverted to other uses.
Since glass is heavy and bulky, transportation costs are on the higher side, not to mention that it causes air pollution.

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