Benefits Of Oil Energy

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Benefits of Oil Energy

Oil occurs naturally in many different parts of the world, but the plain definition says that oil is a hydrophobic substance that is dissolved in numerous organic solvents. It has ample industrial applications, leading to scarcity. For this reason, many countries are seeking alternative sources of energy.

1. Generates electricity

Liquid oil has many industrial applications. It is commonly used as fuel in automobiles and in generating electrical power. Liquid oil is burnt in steam turbines, producing electricity which is used in generating heat.

2. Used in making petroleum products

Crude oil is refined and used as fuel commonly known as diesel and petrol. Moreover, crude oil is widely used in numerous industrial products such as detergents, petroleum products, plastics, paints, synthetic rubber, and in fertilizers.

3. Heating oils

Crude oil is popularly used in heating oils, and in generating electrical power needed in many industrial applications. In addition to this, by products obtained in the process refining crude oil like asphalt, sulfur, and wax help in many industrial and chemical application.

4. Solvents

Oil in its crude form is refined to produce solvents like gasoline and diesel. However, diesel is heavier than petrol and is widely used to run heavy vehicles, which use internal combustion engines.

5. Liquid petroleum gas

Liquid petroleum gas is commonly used for cooking in most countries. Also, it is widely used in countless industrial applications.

6. Lubricants

Crude oil is used in the production of high viscous liquids that help reduce friction in industrial machines.

Although oil is used in many industrial applications, it also has its share of drawbacks as well. Locating oil reserves is a costly process that requires patience and vast resources, especially when covering a large area. In addition, shipping oil from one port to another may spill oil into the sea, destroying aquatic life.

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    April 29, 2011 6:38 pm

    You have given very nice information about Oil energy and its different types. Solvents are widely used in industries for various purposes.

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