Benefits Of Recycling Plastic

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Benefits of Recycling Plastic

Many people like using plastic bottles since they are normally lighter and durable, unlike glass materials. Plastic is a recyclable material and the process of recycling it provides various benefits. Further below are benefits of recycling plastic.

1. Conserves energy

Recycling plastic offers a great advantage of conserving energy, specifically petrol, which is fast becoming scarce. The reason for this is that petroleum is required in large amounts for the production of new plastic goods. Through recycling plastic, about 45% of the energy consumption is lowered.

2. Lowers pollution

The other vital benefit associated with recycling plastic bags, bottles and other similar products is a considerable decrease in air pollution. This air pollution affects birds, animals and several aquatic creatures and it may even cause death. Chemicals used in making new plastic may even pollute both water and also soil. The toxic greenhouse gases emitted while burning lots of petroleum is limited when plastic is recycled, thereby benefiting the environment.

3. Greater supply

The more plastics are recycled, the more plastic products are accessible and this means that industries can profit from recycling. In fact, it is expected that recycled plastics are going to increase in demand due to the present green trends. That is why plastic recycling companies have greatly increased in recent months.

4. Useful reuse

Recycling offers a good environmentally friendly way of producing new plastic products. Following plastic recycling, new products such as carpeting and fleece jackets among others can be created.

5. Protects landfills space

Plastic recycling also protects landfills space, which are slowly filling up. The requirement of creating new landfills, which usually take up lots of space, puts even more trash into the environment. Recycling plastic helps to reduce the amount of waste put into landfills.

Nevertheless, since plastics are very light in weight, they are costly to collect and sort.

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