Benefits of Not Drinking Soda

Benefits of Not Drinking Soda

Fast foods and beverages seem to be the order of the day, but carry numerous health risks. For instance, drinking soda on a regular basis can lead to weigh problems, since it has extra calories. There is a misconception among many that soda might be helpful in regards to weight loss. However, this is not the case because studies show that soda contains extra calories, and can result to weigh gain the long run.

1. Maintain healthy teeth

Colored sodas and Coca-Cola can stain your perfect teeth. Additionally, they are proven to destroy the teeth 5 times more than fruit beverages in a test that lasted for two minutes. Coke has high acidic content that corrodes your teeth over time. For this reason, it is advisable to minimize soda consumption to maintain teeth health.

2. Reduce cravings

Sweeteners such as Formaldehyde, Stevia and benign, trick you into craving carbohydrates and/ or sugars, which is then converted to sugar in the body. Therefore, if you usually drink low-card beverages thinking that this will help you lose weight, be sure that this can lead to weight gain overtime. In addition, too much intake of low-card beverages leads to the development of diabetes, since the body the wrong type of carbohydrates and an excess of sugar.

3. Prevent arthritis

Soda and other low-card drinks encourage acidity in your body. Ideally, you body need to be Â’ Ãƒâ€š’ somewhat alkaline, because disease do not thrive well in a less acid environment. Although soda might not cause chronic disease, it can surely make you vulnerable to illnesses like arthritis.

4. Aids in digestion

Carbonation neutralizes stomach acid that aids the process of digestion. When this happens, food is not digested fully, which may cause health related problems.

There are no drawbacks associated to drinking soda and soft drinks. However, you need to know that the beverage can cause health problems when taken in excess.

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