Benefits Of Yoghurt for Dogs

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Benefits of Yoghurt for Dogs

While yoghurt is eaten by humans, dog also seem to enjoy this nutritious treat. Studies show that feeding your puppy yoghurt improves immune and digestive system health. In simple terms, yoghurt provides essential calcium, probiotics and vitamins to humans and dogs as well. Probiotics are microorganisms that play a role in battling illness and help improve the digestive system.

1. Boosts the immune system
Yoghurt can help improve function of the immune system to help fight infection. When fungi and bacterial invade the digestive system, your puppy’s health is in jeopardy. This can weaken the immune system and the ability to suppress an infection is minimized. In other words, your dog can become vulnerable to contract diseases. Adding yoghurt to your puppy’s diet is the only sure way to keep dangerous fungi at bay.

2. Stomach relief
Yoghurt is not only tasty but has soothing effects on the stomach as well. When your puppy is infected by bacteria, the stomach is typically in bad shape. Adding yoghurt to your puppy’s diet can help correct bacterial levels to prevent the onset of disease. Not only does it provides nourishment but also helps when your puppy has diarrhea.

3. Treats yeast infections
Yeasts are cellular organisms that do well on fats and sugar. They release harmful poisons that harm the puppy’s nervous system, endocrine system and the immune system. Yeast toxins are harmful in left untreated. Simply give your puppy a small amount of yoghurt to combat yeast infection and other fungi related diseases.

4. Yoghurt for Diarrhea
Diarrhea can emerge in dogs at any time. That gets most people worried and many folks rush their dogs to the veterinary. Diarrhea is typically caused by parasites, viruses and bacteria. When left untreated, diarrhea can cause dehydration and may even weaken the immune system. In most cases, vets recommend plain yoghurt.
If your puppy is still experiencing diarrhea even after you have given it some yoghurt, consult a vet to prevent the condition from escalating.

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