Benefits Of Neutering your Dog

dog-pdBenefits Of Neutering your dog

Your growing new born puppy cannot remain happy his or her entire life. He (or she) will always want to roam, sometimes feel extremely stressed, frustrated or aggressive. All these conditions make them prone to various illnesses. Furthermore, any dog cannot be cheerful if you let him or her have sex just for breeding once and have a litter of puppies. The birth of puppies is certainly important, not there are not sufficient homes for all of them. Also, straying dogs are susceptible to many kinds of serious infections, which can cause great unhappiness for people concerned about them. Neutering your dogs, costs money, but it is an investment that will undoubtedly save money in the long-term. You will have to spend less on vet’s bills later in their life.

1.Benefits to males.
Removes the desire for having sex. Thus there are lower chances of such dogs wandering off and getting hit injured by moving vehicles.
Helps in reducing certain kinds of aggression.
Lowers the risk of certain hormone-related diseases.
Reduces the occurrence of perineal and anal cancers.
Eliminates the danger of testicular cancer.
Significantly lowers the problems related to prostate gland.

2.Benefits to females.
Veterinarian spaying in female dogs, if done before their first heat or estrus cycle, is quite beneficial both for the animal and the owner of this animal.
Prevents the occurrence of unwanted pregnancies.
Eliminates the problems related to of her coming into season.
Eliminates the sexual urge. This prevents them from roaming in search of dogs of opposite sex.
Prevents the unwanted attention from other dogs.
Aids in preventing uterine infections.
Reduces the risk of mammary, ovarian, breast and uterine cancer.

3.Makes them healthy.
Studies indicate that altered dogs live longer and healthier lives.

4.Better trained.
Once the dog undergoes neutering they behave in a better manner. When training is given to such animals they are more receptive and focused.

5.Prevent overpopulation.
Just a single female dog along with her offspring is capable of producing 67,000 dogs in a small time period of six years. By neutering and spaying your dogs you can prevent the problem of overpopulation.

6.Prevents homelessness.
Only 25% of dogs get a home to live in. rest of them roam about stray. Controlling the population of dogs helps reduce the problem of homelessness for animals.

7.Pay less for pets.
Pet licensing fees for keeping an altered dog is less as compared to that for unaltered ones. Thus by getting your dog neutered you’ll have to pay less for getting the license.
This facility is now available at most veterinarian centers. Get your dog neutered or spayed and keep them away from numerous health problems.

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