Benefits Of Trial by Jury

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Benefits of Trial by Jury

In criminal law, the prosecutor has the responsibility to prove his/ her point of view and all jurors have to make a verdict after thorough deliberation. Jury trial has many advantages since the jury is selected randomly with 12 people from different backgrounds. Another reason judges prefer jury trial is that they want to avoid being labeled as ‘’soft” or unwilling to act on crime.

1. Prevents bias
With a jury trial, bias is highly unlikely since the 12 members of the jury are picked out randomly. In most cases, the jury is selected outside the judicial system to ensure fair trial and reduce the risk of bias verdict.

2. Efficient process
The jury has proven efficient, with over 500 years of excellence. This is because honesty and character can be mediated by ordinary folks. In other words, the jury does not require any legal skills whatsoever not to mention the system is independent of the judiciary and the executive.

3. Reputed performance
Jury trial is fair when someone’s fate is not in the hands of one person who might have conflicting values and opinions. The jury plays an integral role in the judicial system as they allow for fast completion of trials in a fair and transparent manner.

4. Upholds societal values
Since the jury is selected randomly from ordinary backgrounds, their role in the justice system is crucial in respect to upholding societal values. So, a jury trial is the only sure way for a fair conclusion of even the most daunting cases.

5. Public respect
A jury trial gives a person the privilege to present evidence to the court. This ensures the verdict of a case is not affected by conflicting values and opinions.
In most states, jury vetting is against random selection. Ordinary citizens are no longer selected for jury duty.

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