Benefits Of Yoghurt for Dogs

Benefits of Yoghurt for Dogs While yoghurt is eaten by humans, dog also seem to enjoy this nutritious treat. Studies show that feeding your puppy yoghurt improves immune and digestive system health. In simple terms, yoghurt provides essential calcium, probiotics and vitamins to humans and dogs as well. Probiotics are microorganisms that play a role … Read more

Benefits Of Pets

Benefits of Pets Even though human companions offer various benefits like social support, it is vital to note that pets also offer some benefits. The most common pets kept by most people throughout the world are cats and dogs. The following are major benefits of keeping pets. 1. Enhance mood It is not possible to … Read more

Benefits Of Neutering your Dog

Benefits Of Neutering your dog Your growing new born puppy cannot remain happy his or her entire life. He (or she) will always want to roam, sometimes feel extremely stressed, frustrated or aggressive. All these conditions make them prone to various illnesses. Furthermore, any dog cannot be cheerful if you let him or her have … Read more