Benefits Of Urad Dal

Benefits of Urad Dal

Urad dal, also known as white lentil or black lentil is a kind of bean that is grown in the southern parts of Asia. It is native to India where its cultivation is highly valued due to is numerous benefits. The black lentil is boiled and consumed whole or ground into paste or flour. It is extensively utilized in various culinary preparations such as dosa, papad and vada. More benefits of urad dal are displayed below.

1. Provides energy
Consuming urad dal regularly increases your energy significantly as it replenishes the body’s iron stores. This is particularly essential for women undergoing menstruation who have a higher chance of iron deficiency. Different from red meat and other iron sources, urad dal does not contain high calories and fat content. Iron is a vital hemoglobin component that transports oxygen to various body cells for metabolism and energy production.

2. Protein source
Urad dal is popular amongst vegetarians as it acts like a rich protein source. This makes these beans an inexpensive and tasty protein source, particularly for people who do not have sufficient money for regular meat consumption. Proteins are vital for muscle building and the overall development of the body.

3. Aids digestion
The best benefit of ingesting urad dal is that it enhances digestion because of its rich fiber content. In fact, it boasts of the two kinds of diet ary fiber including insoluble and soluble fiber. The soluble fiber normally quickens digestion while the insoluble fiber aids in preventing constipation and increasing stool bulk.

4. Boosts heart health
Aside from reducing cholesterol, black lentils also boost health. This advantage is linked to the rich magnesium and folate levels that prevent damage to the arterial walls. In addition, magnesium boosts cardiovascular health through increasing blood circulation.
Even though it is very useful in small quantities, consuming excessive amounts of urad dal can cause flatulence.

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