Benefits Of Oxygen

Benefits of Oxygen

The most important element needed for the proper function of the body and is required by all cells in the body is oxygen. A person can go without eating any meals for more than two weeks, but only 5 minutes without oxygen. This shows you how important oxygen really is for survival.
1. Boosts energy
Athletes are aware of the fact that taking oxygen prior to an exercise allows them to work out for longer periods and reduces the total time required for recovery by reducing lactic acid build-up. In endurance and competitive sports, oxygen is mainly used as a vital energy boost. Oxygen also enhances the absorption of essential minerals, proteins, amino acids and vitamins by the body. Additionally, it improves the capability of the body to burn calories.
2. Improves cognitive function
Many individuals with mentally challenging jobs know that oxygen provides them instant energy and improves cognitive function. This helps to increases memory capacity and improves reaction. It even alleviates stress induced migraines as well as jet lag symptoms. Oxygen overwhelms the wearisome re circulated air effects present in modern office buildings.
3. Beauty and health
It is a well-known fact that an increase in oxygen levels leads to a much healthier skin appearance. Oxygen helps in removing free radicals and toxins from the skin and enhances a person’s immune system. It also destroys anaerobic bacteria, which enhances vitality and promotes a radiant appearance. Oxygen counteracts ageing effects and lessens the likelihood of illnesses through assisting the body to fight diseases.
4. Enhances enjoyment
Since oxygen enhances a person’s energy levels, it could possibly assist you to party throughout the night while limiting polluting properties of smoke. It also counteracts low oxygen levels found in dance venues and night clubs.
The demerit of oxygen is that it enhances alcoholic effects and this can lead to car accidents and even death.

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