Benefits Of Sleeping Without a Pillow

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Benefits of Sleeping Without a Pillow

Certain medical experts believe that sleeping without a pillow is the best option. Sleeping on your back without a pillow is safer and beneficial for infants as well. Here are benefits of sleeping without a pillow to enlighten you.

1. Benefits the spine
Sleeping without a pillow is regarded as the healthiest method of sleeping as it greatly benefits a person’s spine. Back sleeping enables the spine to fully rest with the natural body curves in their places. When you sleep on a thick pillow, the spine is normally displaced and you are likely to experience some back pains the following morning. Sleeping without a pillow is thereby an excellent remedy for back aches.

2. Prevent wrinkles
Individuals who do not use pillows when sleeping have lower chances of developing wrinkles and other unappealing facial features. This benefit is credited to the fact that these people do not squish their faces against the pillow, which can lead to wrinkle formation.

3. Quality sleep
If you really desire to get quality sleep, then you are advised to get rid of your pillow as it may be hindering your sleep. Actually, most people do not use suitable pillows and they end up getting insufficient sleep throughout the night. Sleeping without a pillow ensures quality sleep since the body is on a normal level and not elevated like when using a pillow.

4. Prevents neck pain
Sleeping with a pillow is the main source of shoulder and neck pains. Even though it is still advisable to do stretches and also use heat packs, the best method of alleviating these uncomfortable aches is through sleeping without a pillow.
Nevertheless, sleeping without a pillow can cause problems for people who are already used to using them. For such people, it is recommended to reduce the thickness of your pillows gradually before eventually removing them completely.

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  1. Allentown Chiropractor

    December 1, 2015 8:12 am

    Some nice tips, but do you have any sources for the medical experts? I personally prefer sleeping without a pillow on my back, but I don’t have any real reason except avoid excess neck flexion.

    Dr. R.

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