Benefits of split peas

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Benefits of split peas

Split peas are peas that are dried and peeled from their pod for use in various food preparations. ‘ These peas may come in yellow or green varieties and both are used in making soups, puddings, dals, and stews. Split peas are known to provide the following benefits:

1. High vitamin and mineral content

Split peas contain significant amounts of protein which are essential for muscle building and repair. ‘ These peas also contain folate and iron which provide a health boost to the body. ‘ Folate is known to help reduce the incidence of birth defects while iron is helpful for people who are considered anemic.

2. Good carbohydrates

Yellow and green split peas also provide the good kind of carbohydrate or complex carbohydrate. ‘ This nutrient is essential for the body’s energy needs in the performance of various functions. ‘ Complex carbohydrates also mean that energy levels will be more consistent during a given day making people healthier. ‘ A consistent energy source also means that blood sugar levels stays healthy during the day.

3. Fiber content

Split peas are also high in fiber which helps regulate sugar levels, aid digestion, and help people lose some extra pounds. ‘ Fiber provides the feeling of a fuller stomach for a longer period of time which in turn helps regulate hunger and excessive food intake. ‘ It also results to better digestion and possibly some weight loss. ‘ Both the yellow and green varieties also contain few calories despite the abundance in nutrients which further helps people who are overweight or obese. ‘ Fiber is also said to help the heart become stronger and this further adds to the healthy reputation of split peas.

Both yellow and green split peas may be made into soups or puddings for example. ‘ The yellow variety is said to have a milder flavor but both basically contain essential nutrients that can help make the body become healthy and strong.

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