Benefits Of Phytochemicals

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Benefits of Phytochemicals

Phytochemicals are organic substances found in vegetables, fruits and other plants. They provide protection against health related complications like arterial damage, heart disease and certain types of cancer. Many phytochemicals have antioxidant properties that provide bright colors to vegetable and fruits. Phytochemicals include flavonoids, capsaicin, insoflavones, and indoles.

1. Antioxidant
Carotenoids are fat-soluble compounds found in living plants. Lutien, phytofluene, phytoene, zeaxanthin and lycopene contain antioxidant properties, which prevent the development of free radicals responsible for cell damage.

2. Dietary fiber
Fibers play a major role in the prevention and treatment of colorectal cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, gastrointestinal disorders and obesity. Soluble fiber should form an essential part in your nutrition, and is particularly found in bananas, apples and oranges.

3. Fights against osteoporosis
Recent research shows that isofalvones might help to reduce osteoporosis and menopausal symptoms in women. Moreover, soya proteins reduce the risk of high blood pressure responsible for heart failure.

4. Reduces high blood pressure
Flavonoids are primarily found in dark chocolates, apples, red wine, and green tea. They help to alleviate cholesterol levels in patients with cardiovascular complications. Also, studies show that flavonoids reduce the chance of heart diseases.

5. Improves dental health
Proanthocyanidins might have the ability to reduce urinary tract diseases and may also improve dental health. Moreover, they also help fight common cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis.

6. Boosts immune system
Eating a well-balanced nutrition provide wide array of phytochemicals that help improve your overall health. Fruits also contain essential phytochemicals, which enhance function of your immune system.

7. Alleviates inflammation
Phytochemicals help to reduce chronic inflammation, which is beneficial to obese individuals with inflammatory markers.
Excessive consumption of foods rich in phytochemicals is associated with health complications such as diabetes. Also, they increase the risk of breast cancer in women.

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