Benefits Of Mnemonics

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Benefits of Mnemonics

Mnemonics are fun tools or memory aids you can use to remember word sequence. Figures, events, face and facts, can be mastered and recalled by using memory aids, popularly known as mnemonics. In fact, using mnemonics is effective compared to other conventional means such as repetition and rote learning.

1. Helps children with dyslexia
Dyslexia simply means reading difficulty or inability to read fluently, despite adequate opportunity and intelligence. The common symptoms among dyslexia patients are reversing numbers and/ or words, which translates to reading difficulty. However, using mnemonics can help improve reading ability in children with dyslexia.

2. Improves your memory
Mnemonics are powerful tools that can help you improve your memory. While ordinary memorization can be monotonous, using memorization techniques can be an entertaining method to retain valuable information. Mnemonics can help enhance both your long-term and short-term memory.

3. Enhances your imagination
Imagination is important in order to create strong mnemonics. Your information will help you create effective learning aids to improve your memory. When you strongly visualize and imagine a short phrase, it becomes easy to recall the information later. Moreover, you can either decide to use violent or vivid mnemonics, depending on your preference.

4. Retrieves important information
When you try to remember something, the brain activates nerve cells used to store the information. By using mnemonics, it becomes easy to keep healthy function of the blood cells, improving your memory. Also, mnemonics help to enhance your imagination to create more ways to remember important information.

5. Sensory stimulation
Mnemonics help to break monotony associated with rote learning, which make learning fun. Through using mnemonics, your can learn new language, a complex game, and even cook some unfamiliar recipes.
Mnemonics are more effective with learners who have improved verbal skills. This means that students who have reading difficulties may have trouble learning new material using mnemonics.

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