Benefits of irradiated food

Benefits of irradiated food Irradiated food refer to food items that underwent the process of irradiation. ‘ In this process, various food items such as fruits, vegetables, and meat are exposed to an ionizing form of radiation such as those from gamma rays or x-rays. ‘ The process works similarly to microwaves but the major difference is … Read more

Benefits of growing your own food

Benefits of growing your own food People that live in urban neighborhoods are usually too busy to prepare their own food. ‘ With a consumer-based economy, people usually resort to the easiest way to get food and that is to buy them ready-to-eat at restaurants or go to the grocery store. ‘ Most people can’t find time … Read more

Health Benefits Of Dulse

Health Benefits of Dulse People who live near coastal regions often consume sea vegetables as they are rich in essential nutrients. Besides being common in China and Japan, sea vegetables have also become popular in Canada, Ireland and in other European countries. Dulse is a nutritious sea vegetable and is known as a great source … Read more

Benefits Of Lima Beans

Benefits of Lima Beans Lima beans come from a legume known as Phaseolus Lunatus which is grown mainly for its seeds. These lima beans are consumed as vegetables. Sometimes going by the name butter beans due to their starchy however buttery texture, these beans have a subtle flavor which is known to complement various dishes. … Read more

Benefits Of Pizza

Benefits of Pizza Pizza was regarded as an unhealthy meal by many people before since it was placed in similar group as other unhealthy fast foods. However, studies show consumption of pizza may provide some benefits. Read on if you want to find out the health benefits of eating pizza. 1. Vegetables For people who … Read more

Benefits Of Zeaxanthin

Benefits of Zeaxanthin Zeaxanthin is the bioflavonoid pigment pressing in most fruits, vegetables and herbs as well. It belongs to a group of bioflavonoids referred to as carotenoids and it is abundant in green vegetables. The intake of both supplements and foods that contain zeaxanthin offers various benefits. 1. Eye health Zeaxanthin is crucial for … Read more

Benefits Of Squalene

Benefits of Squalene Squalene is the fatty compound present in various vegetables and oils like olive oil. However, it is commonly extracted from the liver of sharks, where it exists in high amounts. Squalene is also produced in the body and it is utilized for synthesizing hormones, vitamins and cholesterol. Below are benefits of squalene. … Read more

Benefits Of Radishes

Benefits of Radishes Radish, popularly used as a salad, is sweet or pungent in taste with a round or cylindrical shape. They are taken cooked, raw, pickled or raw depending on your preference. Since radishes are somehow similar to vegetables, the leaves are highly nutritious. Research has shown that radishes provide many health benefits, thus … Read more

Benefits Of Unsaturated Fats

Benefits of Unsaturated Fats Good sources of unsaturated fats include vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts and vegetable oils. Unsaturated fats are the healthier type of fats and they are used by the body to carry out various vital functions. Further down are benefits of consuming unsaturated fats. 1. Increase good cholesterol HDL cholesterol is very important … Read more

Benefits Of Phytochemicals

Benefits of Phytochemicals Phytochemicals are organic substances found in vegetables, fruits and other plants. They provide protection against health related complications like arterial damage, heart disease and certain types of cancer. Many phytochemicals have antioxidant properties that provide bright colors to vegetable and fruits. Phytochemicals include flavonoids, capsaicin, insoflavones, and indoles. 1. Antioxidant Carotenoids are … Read more

Benefits Of Cabbage

Benefits Of Cabbage Cabbage is the member of the Brassica family of plants and is a leafy vegetable oval or round in shape. It consists of tender light green and whitish inner leaves that are usually covered with hard outer leaves that are darker in color. Cabbage is widely used all over the world in … Read more

Benefits Of Cauliflower

Benefits Of Cauliflower Cauliflower is a member of the Brassica oleracea family of plants. Other members of the family include cabbage, broccoli Brussels kale, sprouts, and collard greens. This vegetable originated in Northeast Mediterranean and gradually spread all through the world. Today, it is cultivated and consumed in all countries of the world. Cauliflower can … Read more

Benefits Of Celery sticks

Benefits Of Celery sticks Celery is vegetable that is a part of the umbelliferae family of the kingdom of plants. This crunchy vegetable is an important salad ingredient and contains rich quantities of fiber. It contains amino acids, folate, essential fatty acids, and minerals like boron, chlorine, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, selenium, phosphorous, potassium, zinc, … Read more

Benefits of Rhubarb

Benefits of Rhubarb Rhubarb, a plant native to western china is commonly cultivated in cold countries. Although technically a vegetable, practically it is often treated as a fruit and often referred to as the ‘pie plant’. It is highly tart or acidic in taste and often cooked with lot of sugar and honey to make … Read more

Benefits Of Butternut Squash

Benefits Of Butternut squash Butternut squash is a member of the gourd family which includes other members like melon, pumpkin, and cucumber. It is generally considered to be a fruit as it contains seeds. When the fruit is cut through its pale, beige yellow hard skin, you can discover the vibrant flesh which is quite … Read more

Benefits Of Kale

Benefits Of Kale Kale, a vegetable from the Brassica family of is often talked about for its disease fighting abilities. It appears like cabbage and is quite versatile as it is used for the preparation of many recipes in many kinds of foods. The disease fighting power of kale can be compared to those of … Read more

Benefits Of Lentils

Benefits Of Lentils One of the best sources of plant proteins that have been used since centuries is lentils. They were first cultivated in the eastern part of the world and then became the staple diet of many vegetarians all over the world. The high protein content of lentils made it popular among vegetarians. Apart … Read more

Benefits Of Milk thistle

Benefits Of Milk thistle Although the milk thistle plant is found all over the world but its predominant growth can be seen in along the Mediterranean coast. The juvenile leaves of milk thistle plant are usually used for preparing salads in the European countries. This plant has been known for its medicinal use since earlier … Read more

Benefits of Zucchini

Benefits of Zucchini Botanically a summer fruit, the Zucchini squash, popularly referred to as the Zucchini or summer squash, is gastronomically considered a vegetable of great nutritional value that also has several health benefits. A cylindrical shaped vegetable similar to cucumber or melon, it has a sweet and tangy flavor and is commonly available in … Read more

Benefits of Yam

Benefits of Yam A vegetable that is commonly available throughout the year, yams are available in 200 varieties. This long and cylindrical shaped vegetable has a rough and scaly exterior but is creamy or firm when cooked. In many countries orange-colored sweet potatoes are often confused for yams. Yams have been long used in traditional … Read more

Benefits Of Beets

Benefits Of Beets All those people who are health conscious and want to remain fit all through their life need to expand the range of foods they eat. Adding beets to your diet is one way to keep your body healthy. Beets not only provide sufficient quantities of iron to the body but also greatly … Read more

Benefits Of Asparagus

Benefits Of Asparagus Asparagus- a member of the leek family has been known and used for its herbal and medicinal properties since the olden times. Asparagus is available all through the year and holds more importance than just a constituent of table salads. The water retention properties and rich fiber content make it useful as … Read more

Benefits of Eggplant

The eggplant happens to be a vegetable that is served in various menus in everyday life. Easy to cook, it is filled with nutrients and numerous health benefits. There are various kinds of eggplants; however, the benefits remain the same when it comes to our overall health. The benefits in eating eggplant are as follows: … Read more