Benefits Of MSC

Benefits of MSC

Mission Service Corps or MSC refers to a group of missionaries who serve or work for about two years. They are responsible for their own sustenance and involvement normally means readiness to serve others. Joining the MSC provides the following benefits.

1. Special training
MSC offers its members training to prepare the missionary for serving through both personal and spiritual development. Strength comes through realizing that other people share in your belief. The training offered is normally a mix of lectures and also hands-on workshops. Aside from that, supervision training is also provided. This involves aspects like counseling, problem solving and covenants among others.

2. Commissioning service
All local churches are usually encouraged to have commissioning services for new MSC missionaries. Such services are quite meaningful for the new MSC member as they draw attention to the specific ministry of the missionary. Actually, commissioning service is responsible for the call up of numerous people to the missionary profession because it fosters enhanced participation of local churches in missions.

3. Medical insurance
A special kind of medical insurance was developed by the Annuity board for all MSC missionaries. This means that individuals or their families are eligible for buying this policy after joining the MSC.

4. New skills
Even though similar resources are provided to all MSC missionaries, they are aware of more than what is accessible and also how to get them. Participants are offered expert knowledge of all accessible resources within their surroundings. This refers to both materials and also people. These new skills can be applied in other areas in life, especially when creative thinking is vital or when developing new relationships.
The disadvantage of joining the Mission Service Corps (MSC) is that you are usually responsible for your own sustenance unless you get additional help from other members of the community.

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