Benefits Of Working in a Group

Benefits of Working in a Group

We are all expected to engage in group discussions, either at school or at work. Group work usually leaves most people feeling frustrated at the end of the day. I am sure you are familiar with the complaint ‘’I would have certainly finished the project if I had worked alone”. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of engaging in group discussions in regards to problem solving.

1. Greater productivity

Working in a group can increase productivity, since a large number of individuals are involved in problem solving, each with different knowledge, experience, points of values and views. Therefore, working in groups, or teams for that matter is helpful in increasing productivity.

2. Exchange of ideas

By working in groups, individuals are encouraged to explore new concepts. This can help improve their imaginations, which is detrimental in problem solving. Moreover, each member in the group has an opportunity to participate in decision making.

3. Reduces bias

Since responsibility is shared when working in a group, individuals are encouraged to explore seemingly idealistic concepts. Individual prejudices and biases can be confronted head on by members in the group, which force them to accept that indeed change is inevitable.

4. Increases risk taking

Another benefit of working in a group is obviously the willingness to take more risks. Also, the argument of differing views and points help members to make realistic goals, as well as risk related to certain actions.

5. Encourages commitment

When the group agrees on a common goal, members can gain recognition and self-determination through their active contribution. By participating is group discussions, individuals feel they are committed to the implementation of different strategic plans.

6. Improves communication

When individuals work together in finding a solution to a certain problem, they will understand why that exact solution was suitable. Furthermore, people with skills pertinent to the problem have the opportunity to participate in decision making.

Working in a group is somewhat a slow process as it requires people to meet at the set time, which often lead to organizational problems.

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