Benefits Of Glycerin

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Benefits of Glycerin

Glycerin, popularly known as glycerol in its chemical form, is a non-toxic liquid obtained from combining water and vegetable oil. Due to its moisturizing qualities, glycerin is an active ingredient in cosmetic products. For example, most people now use glycerin soap as they are effective and moisturizing for all skin types.

1. Good for dry skin
According to cosmetic dermatology, glycerin is useful for all skin types as it prevents loss of moisture and hydration. Also, it can help hydrate the skin and speeds wound healing. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor before using glycerin especially if you have sensitive skin or skin disease.

2. Treats skin disorders
Typically, skin disorders come about when skin cells don’t grow, causing the appearance of scaly skin and unsightly facial features. For this reason, you can use glycerin as a remedy to help soothe the skin. Besides treating skin disorders, glycerin also pacifies the dryness and itching linked to eczema.

3. Its non-toxic
The reason glycerin is an active ingredient in many cosmetic products is the fact that it is non-toxic. Therefore, it is great for sensitive and damaged skin since it doesn’t cause irritation. Using glycerin products regularly is the only sure way to keep your skin suppler and softer.

4. Anti-Aging effects
Wrinkles and fine lines occur due to lack of elasticity and moisture. Glycerin products can help slow the progression of wrinkles and other unwanted facial features such as blackheads and whiteheads. In other words, glycerin helps to keep premature aging signs at bay.

5. Healthy skin
By moisturizing your skin, glycerin improves the tone and health of your skin. A moisturized skin prevents the onset of unsightly facial features, like wrinkles and stretch marks.
Possible side effects as a result of excessive use may include stomach cramps, nausea, gas and burning sensation.

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