Benefits Of Green Roofs

Benefits of Green Roofs

Green roofs are popular as they are eco friendly. According to recent studies, ‘’eco-roofs” are categorized as either intensive or extensive green roofs. As opposed to traditional roofs, there are many perks of using green roofs especially when space is an issue. In fact, green roofs are useful to commercial and residential buildings, particularly in urban settings.

1. Conserves energy
By providing extra shading and insulation, green roofs help to conserve energy. In other words, installing green roof means there is no need of cooling and heating to stabilize building temperate. The plants help to absorb heat during the day and retain the heat after sunset. That way, the building remains cool during the day and warm at night. Installing green roofs is therefore the only sure way to reduce energy bills and greenhouse emissions.

2. Creates animal habitat
Besides providing insulation, green roofs also create habitat for butterflies, bees and birds. This clearly indicates that butterflies are attracted to green roofs that are up to 25 stories high. When native plants are properly used, green roofs do provide habitats for different animal species.

3. Reduces energy consumption
High energy consumption is more pronounced in urban cities due to the congestion of buildings. These buildings usually cause rise in sea temperatures, which then affects water quality. Green roofs therefore come in handy as they help absorb excess heat.

4. Environmental benefits
Green roofs also filter air and water of harmful pollutants that pose health risks. Airborne toxins, for example atmospheric carbon dioxide is absorbed by the plants. On the other hand, heavy metals formed by acid rain are filtered out by the vegetation.
Unlike traditional roofing, green roofs require high installation and maintenance costs, as well as restrictions involving weather and climatic conditions, for example you have to find an appropriate green roof that suits windy places.

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