Benefits Of Seltzer Water

Benefits of Seltzer Water

Seltzer water, popularly known as carbonated water, aerated beverage, and fizzy water, is plain water used as a component in making soft drinks. You can make carbonated water using a soda siphon, which is readily available at your local store. Recent studies have shown that it contains many health benefits, from aiding in digestion to improving cardiovascular health just to mention but a few.

1. Boosts cardiovascular health

Studies conducted to compare the mineral content present in seltzer water against still water found higher mineral content in the latter. Consumption of seltzer water is known to improve cardiovascular health, protecting your from heart disease such as arteriosclerosis and hardening of the arteries. However, research on this is still at its preliminary stages.

2. Lowers cholesterol levels

In addition to improving cardiovascular health, intake of seltzer water may also reduce accumulation of ‘’bad” cholesterol levels in the body. Moreover, research shows that it may help reduce high blood pressure, therefore is beneficial to people with hypertension.

3. Rich in sodium

If you want to limit intake of sodium in your diet , it is imperative that you consume drinks and foods that contain less sodium, than processed foods that have it in considerable amount. Sparkling water is a healthy alternative since it contains low sodium content, and research suggests there are many considerable benefits you can reap from regular consumption of seltzer water.

4. Aids in digestion

Research shows that seltzer water is good for digestion and can reduce common digestive disorders, such as acid reflux, constipation and irregular bowl syndrome, as well as nausea. Additionally, sparkling water neither has high sugar content nor calories, therefore regular intake can help you lose weight.

Excessive consumption of seltzer water is harmful to your health as it may increase your risk of developing muscle degeneration, commonly known as osteoporosis.

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  1. Osteoporosis is a degeneration of your BONES not muscles. Considering that’s a pretty significant mix up I would like to see the source of where you’re getting your “facts” regarding seltzers because quite frankly if you’re calling muscle degeneration (musclular dystrophy) osteoporosis you are clearly an idiot and probably making up these “benefits”.


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