Benefits Of Celery Seed

Benefits of Celery Seed

Celery seed is normally used for culinary purposes. However, this herb does have other uses in alternative treatment where it is prescribed as the herbal remedy of various health problems. Celery seed contains high amounts of calcium, zinc, potassium, iron and zinc as well as several vitamins. Here are benefits of celery seed.

1. Lowers inflammation
Reduced inflammation and enhanced joint health is an advantage gained by individuals who consume celery seed frequently. This herb contains omega 6, also called linoleic acid, which has anti-inflammatory effects. In fact, celery seed use for arthritis treatment is regarded as the best substitute to conventional treatments.

2. Diuretic effects
The diuretic effects that celery seed possesses, makes it a natural option for people with the problem of water retention. Individuals who consume celery seed normally experience a healthier urine output. This is especially useful to those suffering from gout. Celery seed eliminates toxins from a person’s body, causing a reduction in levels of uric acid. The high sodium and potassium content is vital for regulating fluid balance in the body.

3. Treats stomach problems
Celery seed is a traditional cure for a wide range of stomach complications including gas, indigestion and heartburn. Muscle spasms and stomach cramping can also be alleviated through consuming celery seed. This herb also helps quicken digestion, which prevents stomach problems from developing.

4. Anti-cancer effects
Celery seeds contain some compounds called coumarins that offer the potential of significantly lowering cancer risk. Coumarins work through increasing the function of WBC as they combat the harmful cancer cells. In addition, celery seed use has also been showed to hinder the growth or formation of cancerous tumors.

Conversely, possible drug interactions do exist for those consuming certain medications like anticoagulants or diuretic. The diuretic effects in celery seed combined with diuretic medications could lead to dehydration. Similarly, combining this herb with anticoagulant medication can enhance the chance of bleeding.

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