Benefits Of Sodium Bicarbonate

Benefits of Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate, also called bread soda, baking soda or cooking soda, has various household applications. It is also used to manufacture medicines as it has the capability of eliminating fungi and bacteria. Its disinfectant properties make it useful in cleaning agents and other medicines. The following are benefits of sodium bicarbonate.

1. Treats indigestion

Sodium bicarbonate acts like an antacid and is used by many pharmaceutical firms for the production of medicines for treating mild indigestion complications. The most popular medicine used for the treatment of minor digestive problems like heartburn and acid indigestion is basically an aqueous sodium bicarbonate solution.

2. Mouthwash preparation

Producers of mouthwashes make use of sodium bicarbonate like one of their ingredients since it is a great cleanser of gums and teeth. It is also known for lowering acid production in a person’s mouth and therefore guards against oral infection. Tooth pastes, especially the ones that are non-fluoride, comprise of considerable sodium bicarbonate amounts.

3. Anti-fungal effects

Due to the strong anti-fungal effects of this bicarbonate of soda, it is used in production of deodorants and shampoos. In fact, these anti-fungal effects usually highlight the benefits of sodium bicarbonate even more, thereby making it an effective ingredient. Mixing sodium bicarbonate with water and soap makes a good house cleanser. It is also a non-toxic and eco-friendly house cleaner that can be used for various cleaning purposes.

4. Ant-pollutant properties

The other key sodium bicarbonate benefit is that it makes an excellent anti-pollutant. It is utilized for controlling waste water by reducing bad odors. Sodium bicarbonate works through controlling the oxygen demand and also maintaining alkalinity of waste water. It is very efficient in collecting sulfur dioxide, benefitting the immediate environment.

Nevertheless, consuming sodium bicarbonate in baked products may raise levels of blood pressure, particularly in diabetics.

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